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Fast Website Ranks Well

The speed of your website is an important factor because it determines the time in which it would respond to queries from visitors. In case it loads quickly there is a big possibility that you would be able to retain them as well.

This will have a beneficial effect on your search engine ranking too. Thanks to our WP speed optimization service, you would be able to improve the time in which your website loads. This in turn would help you get better returns on the money that you have invested on the website. Thanks to our services you would be able to score high on various tools that measure website speeds. This includes prominent names in the domain such as Google Page Speed, GTMetrix, and Pingdom, to name a few. We would also like to inform you that we offer you a complete reimbursement guarantee on our services.

What We Offer

We optimize images

As part of these services, we would implement the correct image sizes and reduce the size of the images but that does not mean that the quality of the images would be compromised.

You can be sure that this would improve the loading time of the website significantly. This would also bring down the overall size of the page.

Analyze themes and plug-ins

We would analyse all the themes being used in your website as part of these services. We would do the same for the plug-ins that you are using as well. This would make sure that your website performs a lot better than what it normally does.

Optimize Database

Optimizing your database is important as far as improving the loading time of the website is concerned. As part of these services, we would do away with all the unnecessary junk from your database as well as all the overhead. 

Optimize HTML, CSS & JS codes

We would make sure that we optimize the HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) & Javascript codes of your website in such a way that it is worthy of being validated by W3 and is correctly minified as well.

Set up CDNs

We implement CDNs (cloud delivery networks) for your static files such as images, JavaScript, and CSS files. This would also lead to a marked improvement in the loading time of your website.

Analyze the hosting server

You may not know that the server that hosts your website could be the one that is choking its speed. However, with our web server analysis service, you would have all the information you need in this regard and this would help you make the best choices as well.

Site Speed Optimization Services

$ 249

Business Essentials Speed Optimization Service

Our Business Essentials Service is perfect for new sites or sites that need to go from slow to “fast enough” without breaking the bank.

*Not recommended if passing core web vitals is your ultimate goal – if core web vitals scores or Page speed Insights scores are your goal we recommend the Advanced Service and above

Our Advanced Optimization Services specifically looks to optimize for Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics and is designed for small businesses looking to pass the core web vitals test.

*Not recommended for sites that are highly monetized or that cannot tolerate downtime – if your site has low risk tolerance we recommend our consult service where implementation risks can be discussed in advance.

$ 995

Site Speed Consultation

Our Site Speed Consultation is for sites that want to go as fast as absolutely possible or where some optimization has been done but it’s not enough. With this service we do an upfront audit and analytics, collate detailed recommendations and then schedule in a consult call to discuss in detail and plan the implementation with you.

Our team can do the work directly or work with your existing team to deploy it.

$ 2495

Site Speed Consultation + SEO Audit

So many of the sites we see and work on have big SEO gaps and are sitting on huge untapped SEO opportunity. This is a bundle service that includes our site speed consultation and a technical SEO audit.

Customer Results & What To Expect

In the past, typically most of our customers that purchased our WordPress Speed Optimization services will saw the load time of their site drop to somewhere between the 1-2.5 second mark.

Most started at somewhere between 5-10 seconds, often more although many customers don’t necessarily have a slow website, they just want it optimized and loading as fast as possible.

That said, with the release of Google’s Core Web Vitals Metrics in mid 2020, site speed is much more multi-dimensional than a simple speed test of a homepage.

Our optimization work today is focussed on improving several key site speed metrics and timings including DNS resolution speed, TTFB, FCP timing, LCP timing, load time/document complete time, page weight as well as the traditional fully loaded time metric.

Site uptime and reliability is a key element of a consistently fast loading site so we’ve now also incorporated some site security optimizations in our services too.

In terms of site speed goals and what to expect, we ideally we want our speed timings looking something like this:

TTFB at 0.1-0.2 seconds in the country where the site is hosted and 0.2-0.5 internationally.

FCP (first contentful paint) which is when the site starts to appear (i.e. render) to the visitor at or under 1.5 seconds

LCP (largest contentful paint) which is when the site render is mostly complete, under 4 seconds but ideally as close to the LCP as possible, generally within 1 second of the LCP is fast.

Load time (document complete) at 1.5-2.5 seconds

Fully loaded, which is a more traditional speed metric although not so relevant in 2020 and beyond, can vary a lot depending on the third party code being used. This is still the metric that many popular tools like GTMetrix focus on.

Generally we’d expect to see this timing 1-2 second higher than the load time but this largely depends on the type of site. For example, with a Woocommerce site this could easily be 3-5 seconds higher depending on the marketing code in use.

With every site we work on, we do before and after speed tests. With our higher level services we test your entire site because the speed, and particularly the size of all pages is important. Below are some recent results our customers have seen.

If you want to see how fast or slow your site is right now and get some insights into where your site speed could be improved, our speed test tool is completely free, takes less than 60 seconds and will uncover speed optimizations and opportunities no other tool on the market currently probes for!

Client Testimonials

They really cut load times of our website to almost nothing. I recommend them and will use them again.
Founder & CEO
Gazi is awesome. He has identified the problem with the website slowdown and suggested possible solutions. Hardworking and honest . I recommend WP Speed optimization for anyone looking to optimize their website.
Roman PHX
Amazing service! Did everything, did everything fast and I'll be coming back many more times.
Service is really good. There were some hiccups as they were trying to optimize my site, and at one point all the script was off. But they fixed it. I think he had more trouble than expected speeding up my site. Fortunately they kept working and now it’s at a speed that I’m happy with.
Dario Fazio
Not the first time working with them and they always deliver and go beyond what is required of him, 10 stars will not be sufficient!
Best experience I have had on web! The task I had was not easy and I needed it doing very quickly and they were great from start to finish, communication was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to speed up their website.
Amazing! We had some technical issues but these were solved and both the backend and front end are lightening quick. Great value for money.
Ryan Mollaun
Faster than the speed of thought! And for the price? Unbeatable.
Vincent Liman
WPSO did a great job! They were very helpful specially Gazi, provided very clear explanations, and was great at identifying/fixing bugs. He even provided us with additional helpful advice about ways to improve our plugin usage on our website. We'd love to work with him again!
Excellent experienced professional, that will get the job done, they also have a great attitude of not giving up until the task is complete
Very good work. He did what they said they were going to do.
Global SEO Group
It was a great pleasure. Fast and efficient. The job has been done just in a few hours. Strongly recommended!
Good communication. Fast replies. All good. Would definitely use again if needed.
Donna Rozar
WPSO is awesome and super fast. He saved me a week of fiddling with my WP site and plugins and stuff. They knows how to do it and fast. Thanks WPSO!!!!
Went from 9 seconds to 1.4-2 seconds. VERY happy. Very skilled and knowledgeable about page speed. I would highly recommend.
Asad Mohsin
Seller is great. They helped by explaining process of optimization & plug-ins used. I will work with him again to maintain site speed. Thx!
Luciano Zangari
Amazing work! I will work with this seller again - thank you!
Chris Barnes
I used WPSO before and was satisfied with the end result. Seller was very good and had a good understanding of the project. I hope Google now approved my products so I can start advertising. I will talk with Google about my site now after changes. Hope Google now crawls my images. Thanks for the help!
Rich Agrin
Good communication. Took my GTMetrix from an F to an A. I will contact them again when Google Page Insights finishes their updating and see what he can do about my low score with them as well.
Coach Kevin
This seller saved me while my site was having issues and I was losing conversions. He was easy to work with and solved my problem quickly. I will definitely return if I have any future issues like this with my other websites.
DJ Factory
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